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I was born on 29. September 1982.

When I was eleven years old, I wanted to become a drummer like probably every other boy. Hearing this, my father told me: Then you always need somebody to play with you!´ and he gave me a guitar instead.
Since then, this instrument never lost its hold on me! After a short period of learning classical guitar, I wanted to play the electric guitar and spent several years playing Blues, Rock and Jazz. Realizing that I wanted more from and with the guitar, I changed back to playing the classical guitar and soon found my partiality for Tarréga and other composers of the earlier 20th century. Learning more, my standards concerning the instruments rose. I was never satisfied with the instruments for long, and they became more and more expensive!

My family asked me learn something decent, so I started a training to become a gaffer in the laboratories of Marburg University. But my interest in music was so strong that I canceled this job after one year and prepared for studying the classical guitar.
In 2002 I started my studies at the conservatory in Osnabrück. My teacher Ulrich Müller not only helped me to improve my playing the guitar, but also encouraged me to build my first instrument. The aim was set: I wanted to build a guitar!

In the beginning a took part in a course for 1.5 hours per week, but I felt that pace was too slow. I wanted results sooner, and therefore also worked on the living room carpet at home. 2003 I finished my first guitar. Not only I was enthusiastic, also my teacher Ulrich Müller was excited of my first results. So I could not wait to build the next instrument.

In that time I got to know Gerhard Oldiges. He allowed me to watch his work from time to time and ask lots of questions. My thirst for knowledge grew, and I was aware that with Gerhard I had found an experienced luthier. We met in his workshop numerous times, and in hours of intense discussions I learned the essentials of craftsmanship and artistic standards of high quality instruments.
In 2004 I carried forward my studies at the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt with Olaf van Gonnissen.

When I sold my third guitar as soon as it was finished I realised that building guitars was to become more than a hobby for me. Highly motivated, I tried to work as a luthier parallel to my studies. In spite of the time and energy spent for building instruments, I successfully concluded my studies in 2007 and passed the concert examination two years later.

Over the years I tested every guitar that I could lay hands on and searched for inspiration. Thus I found my passion for the sound of the old masters.

Still my greatest motivation to build guitars is the process: when the instrument emerges from the raw materials, and I can form the sound closer and closer to my personal ideal – although I might never be able to reach this ideal sound.

Stefan Nitschke classical guitars
Stefan Nitschke classical guitars
Stefan Nitschke classical guitars
Stefan Nitschke classical guitars

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