Sue Thomas

I visited you just before Christmas, and received a very warm welcome and meticulous (and enjoyable) display of your student model for me to be confident about buying for my eldest son.
The guitar had to be secreted away until his birthday, but was eventually very well received, and Edward is doing really well with its lovely sound.
I think the evidence is there in that we suggested that he kept his quality guitar carefully at home and for concerts etc. but carried on taking his cheapo one on the occasions he needed to take it in to school, where we weren’t convinced it was not going to be bashed about!
But Edward disputed this, and insists on always using the new one – which says it all, I think!
Many belated thanks again; we are glad to have taken up Edward’s teacher Graham Cleaver’s recommendation about you – he too is pleased with the lovely new sound being generated in the lessons!



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