Richard Folkes

My Alhambra 7P guitar has served me well for the last 13 years. However, as an intermediate level player I thought it was time to upgrade to the type of guitar I could grow with/into and that would reflect my progress as I, hopefully, become more proficient. There are a lot of guitars that would seem to fit the bill within my budget so after some 12 months of playing many guitars at many locations I came across some very favourable reviews of Kent Guitars on the internet. The reviews were well justified. I spent many hours trying some very fine guitars within my price range while receiving valuable advice from Miles in his purpose-build studio. It was clear that his objective was not to sell me the most expensive guitar I could afford but to help me select the guitar that would best compliment my playing style and be most comfortable with. It was also very helpful when he played some of the guitars himself to show how they sound in the hands of someone more proficient. After some time I finally chose the Juan Hernandez Concierto FPT spruce, a very sweet sounding and easy to play guitar, extraordinary for the price.
Thank you Miles. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a new guitar.



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