Johannes Wolfram Rinker

When I visited Miles from Kent Guitar Classics in Sevenoaks, he was kind enough to dedicate his entire time to me playing all the guitars I was interested in.
This was an indispensible experience for me and helped a lot in my further search for the right concert instrument. I got to know him as a real “connaisseur” in the field of traditional classical guitar-building and market. Being himself a player with great sensitivity towards sound and tone production, he didn’t hide his personal preferences, but without influencing my own choice. Much of his judgements, proved to be well-founded.
Years later, when I ordered a guitar from abroad (Manuel Contreras), I really was impressed by the level of proficiency, in running his business – Description, communication, packaging, payment process and shipping were all perfect!
I doubt, in case of buying a high end classical guitar, you will find a more competent dealer.



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