Packing & Shipment

It is not our intention to make significant monetary gain on packing, insurance and delivery. We do need to fully recover genuine costs however and add ca. 10% as a contribution for packaging and sundry costs. We will always try to make it as economic yet safe as possible and will quote you a firm price at time of buying. Transportation and associated charges must be paid with the sale price of the goods before despatch.

When sending guitars outside of the UK –  We commonly use FedEx or UPS for worldwide deliveries. Please note that any import duties and taxes due on entry into your country are always the responsibility of the customer and will usually be billed separately direct to the customer by the customs agency or courier company, often after delivery. We are unable to include or quote these costs if applicable because of the difficulty in finding out the rates that apply to different parts of the world and different states in the USA for example.

Invoices accompanying shipment will show the full correct purchase value of the shipment.

When sending guitars in the UK:-  We use different couriers from time to time. The charge including insurance is rarely more than £25.

When transportation is the responsibility of the buyer, you can arrange the pick-up yourself with any courier company of your choice. In such cases, our liability and responsibility for the Goods ends once the Goods are handed over to your courier company and at which point your responsibility for care commences.

Postage & Packing for sets of guitar strings in the UK:-
For 1 or 2 sets, add £2 total. For 3 to 5 sets, add £3.  For 6 to 10 sets or more, postage is included.

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