MANUEL REYES 1993 flamenco blanca

A lovely condition 1993 Manuel Reyes flamenco blanca with Fustero machine tuners. With cypress back & sides, spruce front this guitar has no repairs, no cracks and very little playing or handling marks. The golpeador is lifting on one side and will be replaced – it appears to be coming away very easily without making marks or revealing any colour change. For full detailed listing with photos – click here. Sold January 2013.


  • Hi Mr Roberts, Could you tell me the prices of the '93 and '89 Reyes and the 2003 Barba and 2005 Devoe? Have you got any sound samples of these guitars? Kind regards, Thijmen Sprakel

    Thijmen SprakelPosted on December 22nd, 2013 - 9:08am


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