Kent Guitar Classics – ‘CADENZA’

The first ones now available – a new model specific to Kent Guitar Classics, truly handmade in England.
This Kent Guitar Classics model offers a genuine artisan-made, hand-built guitar with good quality materials, hand finished and set up very well, with professional ‘concert guitar’ quality sound and projection … but at much reduced price for those able, ambitious players who, needing a really good instrument, are unable to afford the more expensive instruments.
Made for us in England by Stephen Eden Guitars, the materials, craftsmanship and sound qualities are at the highest level … but all the time-consuming and costly cosmetic details that do nothing for sound, are cut right down to significantly reduce cost. These are the very opposite of so many guitars on the market that are all glitzy appearance and little substance in terms of real sound.
With a cedar version planned, they will mainly be with spruce front and currently priced below £2000 including VAT … offering sound quality way above most imported guitars at higher price. (The first two were sold within days of arrival)
For full details and photos – click here.



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