Antonio Marin flamenco – African satinwood

A simply stunning peg-head flamenco blanca made by Antonio Marin Montero with body made from African satinwood. This has come about because he and his nephew José Marin Plazuelo were so impressed last year with a classical they made with the same satinwood (Avodire). When played in a classical manner, that guitar had a very spontaneous, bright yet classical sound. However when you played it in a flamenco manner, it was so immediate, crisp and aggressive that we realised this wood would make a superb flamenco guitar and have at the same time a more decorative body grain character. I carried four sets of it to Granada and we chose which to use for a flamenco and which to direct to the Antonio Marin flamenco.  See the Home page listing under the ‘Up to Euros 10,000’ section for full details.
Now sold.



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