Tobias Braun of Gaaden near Vienna.

  • Year:

    2019 - Hauser 1937 model. Labelled, dated and signed by the maker.

  • Body:

    East Indian rosewood of high quality - with dark, straight grain lines, Hauser-style purflings, back centre-strip and bindings of heat-treated maple.
    Body length:- 480mm.
    Top bout:- 277 mm wide & 90 mm deep.
    Waist:- 232 mm & 94 mm deep.
    Bottom bout:- 365 mm wide & 94 mm deep.
    All shellac french-polished and very handsome.

  • Front:

    European, haselfichte / bearclaw, heat-treated spruce of really superb, characterful quality with a lot of medullary over the whole soundboard. The heat-treatment of the spruce is a technique used in violin-making a century or two ago to accelerate the initial aging and opening up of the soundboard and at the same time, darkens the wood. 1937 Hauser reproduction rosette. Dark, slim rosewood bridge with 12-hole option and bone edges to front and rear of he tie-block.

  • Tuners:

    Rubner tuners - especially made for Tobias with snakewood buttons, sideplate engraving and 'T.B.' initials.

  • Scale:

    65cm. With 19 frets on an ebony fingerboard.

  • Neck Width:

    52mm at the nut with 43mm string spacing.

  • Weight:

    1520 grams

  • Condition:

    New and very elegant. All shellac french polished.

  • Comments:

    Tobias Braun makes very high quality instruments often with exceptional material quality.
    Having a different sound from his regular design, this one has immediately obvious Hauser sound world with a deep, focussed bass that holds the bottom octave well, combined with a singing and pure treble. Already sounding immediately impressive and gorgeous, it will nevertheless further develop into a very fine guitar with playing.
    So - a true concert guitar with strength and beauty of sound suitable for performer, collector or anyone that appreciates the beauty of this level of craft.

    Tobias Braun - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    Sold September 2019.
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+ 44 (0) 1732 453 523

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