Simon Ambridge of Dartington, Devon.

  • Year:

    1999 number 101.

  • Body:

    Very beautiful, premium quality rosewood. Quarter-sawn sides and a very dark back; no centre-strip.

  • Front:

    European spruce - with a little bearclaw and lovely ambered colour. Very beautiful rosette with matching bridge tie-block decoration and double purflings.

  • Tuners:

    David Rodgers, Hauser-style engraved backplates and white mother-of-pearl buttons.

  • Scale:


  • Neck Width:

    52mm at the nut

  • Condition:

    In good condition but with playing wear. The back is in good condition with just a few little marks. The sides are pretty good too. The front has numerous little marks and scratches though they are shallow and generally have not broken the polish surface. The back of the neck has a myriad of small, shallow nail marks though they are not very obviously-felt in the left hand. There are no cracks or repairs and the polish is original.

  • Comments:

    This is a fine Simon Ambridge guitar; full of traditional beauty both physically and in its traditional sound. With a G body resonance, this guitar had very good balance with a clear, ringing treble and a focussed, in-balance middle and bass. It is a refined and very lovely instrument, beautifully crafted and with a quality sound palette.

    Simon Ambridge - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    Sold January 2010
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+ 44 (0) 1732 453 523

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