Paco Castillo - Valencia region, Spain.

  • Year:


  • Body:

    Sepele with Indian rosewood bindings.
    African mahogony neck.
    Indian rosewood fingerboard.

  • Front:

    Canadian cedar - solid

  • Tuners:


  • Scale:

    65cm. 19 frets on a rosewood fingerboard.

  • Neck Width:

    52mm at the nut

  • Weight:

    1545 grams

  • Condition:

    New. All gloss finished.
    These guitars are extremely well finished at the price.

  • Comments:

    The quality and quantity of sound is extraordinarily good at this price - listen to the mp3 and tell me, if you dare, that it only sounds as good as you would expect for a guitar priced around £330 (with vat)! The sound has some sweetness, clarity, depth and plenty of volume.
    Most people that try them, expect the price to be at least double what they are. The decoration and general finish, inside and outside is better than anything else we have seen at this price. Really highly recommended.

    Paco Castillo - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    GBP330 excluding case. Please note: all UK & European sales of all new guitars are subject to the addition of VAT on top of the listed price.
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+ 44 (0) 1732 453 523

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