Michael Gee of Earl's Barton

  • Year:

    2006 - number 521

  • Body:

    Dark, straight-grained, premium quality, south american rosewood with slim purfling lines and rosewood bindings. Oil varnish finish.
    Body length:- 487 mm.
    Top bout:- 283 mm wide & 96 mm deep.
    Waist:- 242 mm
    Bottom bout:- 370 mm wide & 100 mm deep.

  • Front:

    In a spruce (sitka?) - Nomex - cedar sandwich-top construction (or 'layered-top', as Michael prefers to call it) with 5-fan struts. Attractive rosette and matching purflings in natural wood colours. Rosewood bridge with bone-edged tie-block.

  • Tuners:

    Rodgers with engraved brass sideplated and white mother-of-pearl buttons mounted on a head faced with a recessed stipling.

  • Scale:

    65cm with 19 frets on an ebony fingerboard - and 20th fret for the 1st string.

  • Neck Width:

    53mm at the nut with 43.5 mm string spacing.

  • Weight:

    1775 grams

  • Condition:

    In very good, original condition; with no repairs and no cracks. In detail:-
    Back - except for a very small area of very shallow shirt button bruising, like new.
    Sides - as new.
    Front - Very good - one string whip mark and the faintest of tiny scratch lines - very hard to see.
    Head & Neck - just the tiniest of superficial marks.

  • Comments:

    From a maker that has for many years enjoyed a world-wide reputation, this is a rich, loud and penetrating concert guitar. On first playing, it is obviously powerful with warmth in the bass and brightness of treble. It also offers a quick right-hand response which many players on the competition circuit are looking for.
    So - a strong, professional level, concert instrument with luxury timbers, luxury decoration and fittings to attract performer and aficionado alike.

    Michael Gee - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    Sold June 2014
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+ 44 (0) 1732 453 523

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