Luca Waldner - Ponte de Valtellino

  • Year:

    1998 - number 61. Inspired by an 1864 Torres belonging to Francisco Tarrega.

  • Body:

    Flamed maple with a really beautiful honey / amber colour and highly attractive multiple-line purflings with green and dark elements.
    This small body is so beautiful with dimensions:-
    Top bout:- 250 mm wide & 82 mm deep.
    Waist:- 209 mm.
    Bottom bout:- 327 mm wide & 85 mm deep.

  • Front:

    European bearclaw spruce with a superb Torres rosette. Dark ebony bridge with bone-capped tie-block and pearl roundals on the bridge wings.

  • Tuners:

    Waverly-Sloane with ebony buttons

  • Scale:

    646mm with 19 frets on the ebony fingerboard.

  • Neck Width:

    49.6 mm at the nut with string spacing 39.75mm

  • Weight:

    1217 grams

  • Condition:

    In very good cosmetic and playing condition.
    The back and sides look lovely and have very few marks.
    The front has minor playing and string change marks and has one crack, 10mm to the left of the fingerboard. Although you can feel it, there is no lightpassing through it to the inside so may be just in the surface ... and has no effect on sound.
    The back of the neck and back of the head has superficial marks.
    Obviously being thin and very flexible, the front, probably like the original and so many guitars, is dipped between the rosette and bridge but is quite stable and perfectly playable.

  • Comments:

    Wow - what an amazing sound for a small guitar. It has real strength in depth of bass and a bright, strong treble. The body air resonance is down below E!
    It is incredibly easy to play - not just the mechanical aspects but the ease with which a strong, musical sound comes out of the body. Guitars like this really do make you think about the whole design debate about loudness, body size and construction.
    This is such a fascinating guitar to play and whose sound defies its size ... it is hard to put it down.
    So, for those who admire the Torres feel and sound, this is a real gem.

    Luca Waldner - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    Sold August 2017
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