Leszek Gajdzik from Vienna.

  • Year:

    2008 - double top with Nomex construction. Labelled, dated and signed by the maker.

  • Body:

    Rosewood - fine quality. The beauty of the back is emphasised by not having decorative centre-strip. With fine line purfling.
    Body length:- 488 mm.
    Top bout:- 284 mm wide & 98 mm deep.
    Waist:- 243 mm & 105 mm deep.
    Bottom bout:- 376 mm wide & 104 mm deep.Shellac french-polished.

  • Front:

    European spruce - a very silky top with extremely close grain lines; one of the closest grain tops I have ever seen. With the maker's distinctive, hand-made rosette, rosewood bridge with bone-edge tie-block capping.

  • Tuners:

    Waverly-Sloane with black rollers and ebony buttons.

  • Scale:

    65cm with 19 frets (20 for the 1st string) on an ebony fingerboard.

  • Neck Width:

    53mm at the nut with 46 mm string spacing.

  • Weight:

    1882 grams

  • Condition:

    In good condition, free of repairs or cracks.
    The back, sides and rear of the neck are in very good condition with hardly any marks at all. The back of the head has a few marks. The front has very little playing or handling marks - but the most notable thing is where the front has been scuffed / scratched causing two marks as shown in the photo, down outside of the bridge - and more shallow evidence down below the bridge.

  • Comments:

    Leszek Gajdzik's luthery began with violin-making. But also from his career technical background in medical research, he brings a very precise, logical and technical approach to his guitar-making. Gajdzik guitars are double-top contruction using a Nomex layer in between layers of spruce (in the same manner as Matthias Dammann and Gernot Wagner). The sides are quite traditional and the back has braces as traditional build but with more pronounced arching and body taper combining with an elevated fingerboard. As with Dammann and Gernot Wagner Nomex double-top guitars, Gajdzik instruments have impressive power and projection. At the same time they have strongly traditional, beautiful spruce sounds, really good clarity and a wide range of colour. Unlike many guitars designed to be powerful, it responds really well to being played gently and sentitively as well. The standard of construction is very high and with well-adjusted intonation. Comfort and playability is also very good so without doubt I can highly recommend this concert guitar.

    Leszek Gajdzik - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    Re-sold January 2016
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+ 44 (0) 1732 453 523

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