Hermann Hauser II of Reisbach - Germany

  • Year:

    1953 - No. 529. Signed and dated underneath the spruce front.

  • Body:

    The Indian rosewood sides are clearly from the same piece of wood but not orientated book-matched. The back is much darker in colour. The sides have simple purfling. The back centre-strip and end-block decoration is very much from Hauser I pattern.
    Body length:- 483mm.
    Top bout:- 278 mm wide & 90 mm deep.
    Waist:- 232 mm & 92 mm deep.
    Bottom bout:- 361 mm wide & 92 mm deep.

  • Front:

    Bavarian bearclaw spruce - with a gorgeous rosette, rosewood bridge with decorated tie-block capping and the double, green purflings.

  • Tuners:

    Original Lansdorfers with engraved sideplates, white rollers and buttons.

  • Scale:

    65cm with 19 frets, including a zero fret, on an ebony fingerboard

  • Neck Width:

    Nearly 51 mm at the nut, with 41.5mm string spacing.

  • Weight:

    1492 grams

  • Condition:

    The condition is very good for a 1953 guitar.
    The back has a 90mm glued crack in line with the heel slipper - quite harmless. There is also a faint crack line - more a shake than a crack, running below the waist - cleated for safety, decades ago.
    The front centre seam shows some disturbance - likely from being dry a long time ago - but has re-closed itself since humidity returned to normal.

  • Comments:

    Here is a lovely instrument, which was made for the Italian player Eli (Lolita) Tagore 1930 - 2015, is the earliest Hauser II guitar we have seen - remembering that Hermann Hauser I died in 1952. The bearclaw top is exceptionally beautiful. It is unusual to have a zero fret and Hermann Hauser III has suggested that some elements of this instrument are likely to have been made during the lifetime of Hauser I. The fingerboard, spruce front and rosette are so much in the Hauser I style; though the bridge tie-block decoration is more of Hauser II. A little brighter than some, the air resonance is around G and has a lovely clarity and balance.

    Hermann Hauser II - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    Sold January 2015
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