Greg Smallman and sons - Australia.

  • Year:

    2001 - labelled and dated as normal

  • Body:

    With the well-known body construction of hardwood layers showing particularly beautiful rosewood on the exterior.

  • Front:

    Cedar - with the renowned Smallman lattice support construction. Padauk bridge

  • Tuners:

    The tuners are recently-added Gilberts - they work very precisely. The original Schaller tuners are also included in a box.

  • Scale:


  • Neck Width:

    52mm at the nut

  • Condition:

    In near mint condition. Apart from one shallow scratch, which can be seen in the picture of the front at the bottom - and a few of the most tiny marks in the surface by the rosette, it can be truly described as new

  • Comments:

    An outstanding Smallman guitar offering all that they are famous for - strong, loud, weighty, lattice, Smallman - what more can be said. This one does not have the adjustable neck angle but does have an arm-rest. The guitar comes with a custom-made Calton case - green fabric interior, black gloss exterior - perfectly fitting and in pristine condition.

    Greg Smallman - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    Sold. Please enquire as others do come available.
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