Dominique Field of Paris

  • Year:

    2000 - number 141. Produced obviously at the same time as no. 140 played extensively by Eduardo Isaacs and no. 142 played by Catherine Liolios

  • Body:

    Indian Rosewood - well seasoned and attractive in colour. Purflings of extremely fine white lines, characteristically French and showing the skill of the maker.

  • Front:

    European spruce - fine quality and with his fine and immensely-detailed rosette of many concentric rings of subtle colours and central chain motif.

  • Tuners:

    Original Waverly-Sloane tuners with engraved brass sideplates and ivoroid buttons.

  • Scale:


  • Neck Width:

    52mm at the nut

  • Condition:

    In highly attractive condition and with very little playing wear. An area of back polish loss caused by body heat, has been re-polished. There are three or four marks on the spruce front one of which is about 30 mm long.

  • Comments:

    This is a really strong concert guitar. Dominique Field produces some of the loudest and strongest traditionally-built spruce guitars in the world. Dominique says the construction is as today's guitars with the exception that more recent ones have longitudinal back bars which may add a little stronger projection - but this one is not lacking any projectional ability! The front constructional detail is as today. With great clarity and power, the sound is neverthless refined, flexible and aristocratic. The demand for Dominique's guitars is such that he has closed his very long waiting list. Here is an opportunity for a performer seeking a very strong, traditional guitar though we are happy to have this guitar around to play for some time

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  • Price:
    Sold September 2009.
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+ 44 (0) 1732 453 523

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