David José Rubio

  • Year:

    1973. The guitar is labelled, dated, stamped and signed only by David Rubio; no other stamps internally or under the soundboard. It has to be said that the identity of the actual maker is uncertain.

  • Body:

    Rosewood - Indian. Much of the back is quarter-sawn and very attractive. The sides are a little darker and have interesting and complex grain patterns.

  • Front:

    European spruce

  • Tuners:

    Waverly-sloanes with white buttons. Not the original tuners which were Lansdorfers.

  • Scale:


  • Neck Width:

    54mm but with string spacing as if it were 52mm. Feels very comfortable to play.

  • Condition:

    The back and sides are in very good condition with re-freshed polish. The front has one single, repaired crack from waist to bottom on the bass side - this was done over 20 years ago, and has been re-polished. The back of the neck is in very good condition. A re-fret was carried out in 2007.

  • Comments:

    This guitar has immediately impressive sound. It is very clear and focussed and with a deep bass full of bottom octave. The body air resonance is F#; much lower than many Rubio guitars of the 60's and 70's. The treble is sweet with a good ringing quality and offering a wide range of tone colour. All this makes it a very expressive guitar that is very enjoyable to play.

    David Rubio - Click here to find out more about this maker

  • Price:
    Sold August 2009
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