About Kent Guitar Classics

We are international dealers in the finest quality classical and Flamenco guitars; new, second-hand and vintage. We also carry a carefully selected range of student guitars. Extensive advice is available to players who are not generally aware of what is available in terms of different styles of guitar and who don’t know as yet what they are looking for.

Our Shop

Come along and you will have the chance to try many fine classical and Flamenco guitars in quiet and unhurried surroundings. We like to look after people and so you will receive personal attention and refreshments are available throughout your visit.

For buyers who are unable to visit in person, we make a genuine effort to describe our stock items in accurate detail, with photographs, sound samples in.mp3 form as well as descriptive information about the condition (if not new) and about the sound character and qualities (which is of course difficult to do in words but we make a good effort). Some visitors wish for help in testing the various guitar sounds so Miles is always on hand to demonstrate the instruments when needed.

Guitars are routinely sent abroad using FedEx – International Priority service. We are very experienced in the packing of guitars and whilst it is not possible to guarantee that damage cannot occur, it is very rare. We always take out full replacement value insurance for each specific shipment and we do this independent of the carrier company.

  • Andrea Tacchi
  • Enrico Bottelli
  • Angelo Vailati
  • Daniele Marrabello
  • Marco Bortolozzo
  • Daniele Chiesa
  • Fritz Ober
  • Gerhard Oldiges
  • Stefan Nitschke
  • Jean-Nöel Rohé
  • Bertrand Ligier
  • Antonio Marin Montero
  • José Marin Plazuelo
  • Paco Santiago Marin
  • Walter Verreydt
  • Per Hallgren
  • Christopher Dean
  • Simon Ambridge
  • Stephen Frith
  • Richard Newman
  • Stephen Eden
Miles in the workshop of Marcelino Lopez.

Miles Roberts started to play guitar from the relatively late age of about fifteen; first starting with folk music, steel string and some electric guitar. The first proper classical lessons came during early university years with David Taplin and Neil Smith in Manchester and Bolton. A little later and after some interesting summer school courses (including Bristol & Downe House), he studied privately with Julian Byzantine in London and later with John Mills for some years.

After a break from playing and study due to career and family commitments, he had monthly private tuition in Sheffield with Gordon Crosskey, then professor of Guitar at the Royal Northern School of Music, for about three years. During this period he undertook a small amount of public performance and re-established the guitar society in Hull called the Bridge Guitar Circle (named after the Humber bridge).

With wife Christine and two sons, a move to the south-east of England with a job relocation and the associated work, business travel and family commitments, caused a halt in guitar activities for about twelve years. Before this move, all but one guitar were sold and rarely a note played for more than a decade.

In concert with Paul Gregory

Some years later as children, then three in number, became adults and workload decreased, the guitar interests were re-awakened. After a period of re-learning to play (with assistance from Charles Ramirez and later Mark Ashford) Miles became a regular participant playing at guitar societies in Blackheath, Tunbridge Wells, Bromley and Canterbury. Having forged a friendship with professional concert guitarist Paul Gregory, the two get together for lunchtime and evening duo recital performances.

In search for makes of classical guitars much appreciated years before and since missed, Miles hunted around private sales and auctions and after discovering who had since died or emigrated in the years that had passed, began to find interesting instruments. Having then bought and sold a few for personal enjoyment, the opportunities grew to a level where business potential arose and from this, Kent Guitar Classics Ltd was born.

Based in Sevenoaks we are in easy reach by road or train from central London. From Charing Cross station in central London, to Sevenoaks is usually 35 minutes with commonly four trains per hour during the weekdays and two or three per hour at weekends. Gatwick airport is about 25 minutes away by car and the London Stansted and London City airports are each about one hour. If you travel by rail we can pick you up from Sevenoaks station which is a few minutes away or for travellers by Eurostar train, we can collect you from the Ebbsfleet international station in north Kent.