Business Terms

1. Company status.
Kent Guitar Classics Ltd.
(herein also referred to as ‘the company’) is a limited company, No. 4606454 registered in England & Wales.   Our VAT Registration Number is GB 839 3012 33.

2. Law.
All transactions shall be governed and interpreted in all respects as a transaction conforming to English or Welsh law. Any dispute arising from this transaction shall be referred to the courts of England or Wales.

3. Acceptance and Amendment.
These terms and conditions shall apply to all tenders, offers, quotations, orders, acceptances, deliveries and contracts relating to the sale of Goods by Kent Guitar Classics Ltd. No other conditions or modifications of these conditions shall be binding on the company unless the company specifically agrees so in writing. The company shall not be deemed to accept any other conditions nor to waive any of these conditions by failing to object to provisions contained in any other purchase order or other communication from the customer.

 4. Value Added Tax (VAT).
VAT is chargeable on all new goods and services (except zero-rated items such as books) supplied within the European Union VAT zone. VAT is not chargeable to clients residing outside of the EU VAT zone on condition that we have compliant documentary evidence of the exportation of the goods. Where there is no documentary evidence of export (for example when a client comes to our premises to buy), it is necessary to charge VAT, which we can later refund to the buyer after receipt of compliant export documentation such as courier airway bills or form 407 of the Retail Export Scheme.

5. Orders & deposits.

Under The Consumer Contracts Regulations, non-trader customers, who remotely order non-customised goods, have rights including cancellation of order and refund of deposit payments subject to the requirements of proper notification.

Our unrecoverable costs such as paid CITES permit fees and card fees are not refundable unless we are substantially at fault. For customers not covered by the Consumer Contracts Regulations (traders, those with specialist knowledge and experience or buyers of customised or personalised goods), deposit refunds and cancellations may only be accepted at our discretion.  In all cases, refunds will be in the currency of the agreed purchase price.

6. Payment methods and Transfer of Title over the goods.
We bank with the National Westminster Bank and accept all forms of bank transfers; BACS, CHAPS, internet transfers etc. The sale price for the goods, packing, carriage and insurance charges must be fully paid and secure before despatch.

Credit card and debit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, Visa Electron, Solo and JCB cards) are acceptable subject to normal security checks. We reserve the right to decline payment by card in some circumstances and from some parts of the world.

Please note :- for credit card or foreign debit card purchases over GBP1000, the card processor fees we have to pay of 2% to 3.5% will be added to the sum the client pays and are not allowed for in the listed prices. Card fees are not refundable if you cancel your order unless we are substantially at fault.

Bankers drafts, bank and building society cheques, cash and personal cheques are all acceptable so long as the funds are secure or cleared in our account prior to despatch of the Goods.

The title over the goods i.e. the ownership, shall not pass to the customer until the company has received payment in full.

For low-value items, like strings, if you cannot pay by card, we can despatch quickly to meet urgent needs. An invoice will accompany or follow the delivery and we will expect to receive your payment by return.

Receipted invoices will be issued and instrument insurance valuations provided on request.

Cheques and draft payments are payable to KENT GUITAR CLASSICS Ltd.
Bank transfer information where required, will be provided with invoice.

 7. Returns Policy.

The Consumer Contracts Regulations afford cancellation, rejection and refund rights to consumers who buy without visiting the shop or location of sale – for example internet, telephone or mail order purchases. Not everybody is covered by these regulations including traders or buyers of customised or personalised goods.

Customers buying at a distance i.e. not visited our premises, have a right to cancel the contract or notify rejection of the goods from the moment you place your order and ends 14 days from the day you receive your goods. Because of the relatively high costs and values involved in this specialist business, if you choose to return the goods, you agree to arrange and pay for your country’s CITES re-export permit, if applicable and prompt, fully-insured return. Unrecoverable card payment fees are not refundable unless we are substantially at fault.

When we have checked that the goods have arrived back in exactly the same saleable condition as when sent to you, we will refund the purchase price (in the currency and quantity in which it was received). For outside of the UK sales, we will also deduct the higher charge for sending to you (these costs will be separately quoted and treated as a separate contract from the goods), customs fees, taxes or bank charges in order for us to end up with a nil net cost scenario.

If the Goods suffer any damage or deterioration during your possession or care, we reserve the right to make a reasonable deduction from the refund payment to cover repair, making good and loss of residual market value, remembering that even when fully repaired, the sale value of a guitar can drop alarmingly. In cases of significant marking or damage, we reserve the right refuse return.

Sales to customers who visit, select and pay for goods are final. Goods are non-returnable unless there is a genuine claim over faulty materials, faulty workmanship or goods not being fit for purpose. If you change your mind after purchase, we will be as helpful as we can, without obligation, to find a suitable exchange, alternative or assist with re-sale.

Our intention is to supply guitars that give lasting satisfaction and we want to delight you with our service. We illustrate full and complete details, without exaggerations, including clear photos, technical description, dimensions, comments and sound samples. By such complete description and by understanding your needs, we set out to supply guitars that you are unlikely to want to return.

We do not encourage customers to casually request ‘Sale or Return’ or approval trials. You are encouraged to try instruments on our premises for as long or as many times as you like.

8. Guarantees.
Notwithstanding the customer’s statutory rights, new goods are fundamentally guaranteed for 12 months from date of sale against manufacturing defects or faulty materials.

Damage due to exposure to liquids, moisture, heat, sunlight, radiation, pressure, fair wear and tear and damage caused by misuse or accident whilst in the possession or care of the customer are excluded.

Cracks, splits, shrinkage and opening of joints caused by environmental changes and extremes of temperature or humidity whilst in the possession or care of the customer, are specifically excluded. Customers are advised to use a good quality hygrometer to monitor humidity levels of the environment in which guitars are kept particularly during but not limited to cold weather periods.

Replacement of consumable items such as strings is excluded.

Guitars are relatively fragile and prone to accidental damage. Care must be taken in normal use – see ‘Care of your new Guitar’ provided with all sales.

Some woods such as Brazilian rosewoods, Ziricote and Cocobolo used for some guitar bodies, commonly have surface cracks or ‘checks’.  Although barely visible initially, it is normal and sometimes unavoidable that these become more noticeable or may open up over time. This is the nature of this material and making good of such movement is not covered by guarantee.

Used or second-hand goods will be sold fit for purpose, however the making good of cosmetic defects, wear or repairs evident at time of customer inspection or as described in advertisement are not covered by guarantee.

9. Delivery, Carriage & Import expenses.
It is not our intention to make significant monetary gain on packing, insurance and delivery. We do need to fully recover genuine costs however and add ca. 10% as a contribution for packaging and sundry costs. We will always try to make it as economic yet safe as possible and will quote you a firm price at time of buying. Transportation and associated charges must be paid with the sale price of the goods before despatch.

When sending guitars outside of the UK:- we commonly use FedEx or UPS for worldwide deliveries. Please note that any import duties and taxes due on entry into your country are always the responsibility of the customer and will usually be billed separately direct to the customer by the customs agency or courier company, often after delivery. We are unable to include or quote these costs if applicable because of the difficulty in finding out the rates that apply to different parts of the world and different states in the USA for example.

Invoices accompanying shipment will show the full correct purchase value of the shipment.

When sending guitars in the UK:- we use different couriers from time to time. The charge including insurance is rarely more than £25.

When transportation is the responsibility of the buyer, you can arrange the pick-up yourself with any courier company of your choice. In such cases, our liability and responsibility for the Goods ends once the Goods are handed over to your courier company.

Postage & Packing for sets of guitar strings in the UK:-
For 1 or 2 sets, add £2.  For 3 to 5 sets, add £3.   For 5 to 10 sets or more, postage is included.

 10. Force majeure.
Kent Guitar Classics Ltd. shall not be held liable for any delay in or failure to perform any or part of its obligations contained in this contract if the delay or failure is due to causes outside of the reasonable control of the company.

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