Autumn / Winter sale

We have some very fine guitars that for no good reason, have been is stock a long time that we offer at reduced price to clear and make space.
Sometimes a new guitar comes in and sells the next day. Sometimes a very good guitar, sitting amongst many other very good guitars, keeps coming second in customer’s choice. Marco Bortolozzo – Hauser style, Michael Gee 2013 double-top, Stephen Frith spruce and cedar, Stephen Eden small-bodied 64 scale and 1989 Christopher Dean.


  • I stumbled onto your site while looking for an entry-level classical guitar for my grandson in Denver, Colorado. Regrettably, I'm not resident in England (though I've been there many times), otherwise I'd be on your doorstep tomorrow morning. That said, might you have any acquaintances in America (firms similar to yours) whom you could recommend? We're limited at this point (8th form next year, at Denver School of the Arts), to around $300 US. Any advice or recommendation you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Watched Harry and Meghan's wedding twice! Wish them both, and England itself, a wonderful decade ahead. PS: I took up steel string acoustic guitar at about age 60. Hence my email "handle". Still working on my skills and loving it.

    Dr Doug ClarkPosted on May 29th, 2018 - 4:08pm


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