David Pelter double-top guitars.

We have recently stocked the Nomex double-top guitars made by David Pelter in Cumbria. Four of them have been sold in the last three months to clients here on the UK and as far away as Australia. With top construction much in the manner of Gernot Wagner and Matthias Dammann, they have scalloped lattice bracing that is timber-only. As well as rosewood bodies, some have had exotic hardwoods such as black chacate from Mozambique and pink ivory also from southern Africa.
These guitars have the obvious loudness and quick release of sound that is expected of lattice and double-top guitars. By comparison with many modern construction instruments from Australia, Germany and elsewhere however, the David Pelter sound-world is much nearer traditional and much more appealing to those that have tried and bought them. The material quality, construction standard and shellac polishing are to a very high standard yet the price of them (GBP4,200 for first half of 2017) is a fraction of the famous name double-tops.
They are available with either cedar-nomex-cedar or spruce-nomex-cedar fronts. So – if you fancy a strong, modern construction guitar, beautifully-crafted and with the power and projection that many performers require, but at a very sensible and competitive price – give these a try; you are unlikely to be disappointed.



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