Conde Hermanos AF25 Quilted maple

We are looking for quick sale on this 2009 Conde blanca – with its really beautiful quilted maple back and sides would appear to be a limited edition special of the highest quality. The quilted maple has the most beautiful colour and figuring you could find anywhere – on every square centimetre of the back and sides. Sensible offers will be considered. For full details – click here. Now sold October 2015.


  • Dear Miles I keep looking enviously at this wonderful guitar, and was hoping to try it when I come down in a week or so ( will arrange a date later). I wonder why it hasn't sold - it seems to be a very special guitar? And I wonder what a sensible offer is? It has already dropped £500 I think. I fear that when I see it ( if it still there) I may lose control of my credit card! Re visiting you - I spoke with you some weeks ago about the possibility of upgrading from my Juan Hernandez to something a step up. Best wishes Howard

    Howard CobbPosted on September 24th, 2015 - 11:27am


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