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Our Kent Guitar Classics – Cadenza model – now available in stock at last! This new model has been so popular that we have until now, not been able to build up any stock. Made for us by Stephen Eden, these hand-built, french-polished instruments have a £4000-5000 sound for less than half that price. Originally intended for talented teenager students who need, but cannot afford a £4000+ guitar, this model has high quality timber, high quality construction, terrific sound and playability but with simplified decoration to significantly reduce workshop hours and therefore reduce cost. Much-admired by performer/ teachers such as John Feeley, Mark Eden, Rory Russell, Richard Wright and many more, you can be assured you will not find a better sound quality at this, or anywhere near this low price.
Available in right-hand or left-hand format, spruce or cedar, 65cm or 64cm scale length – or any such combination. A real concert performance instrument at a modest student guitar price – seriously.
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  • I played the Cadenza models at my last visit to Miles and they are really fantastic guitars. Excellent sound and playability. Outstanding opportunity for a really low price. I would prefer these guitars to many others in the 5000-6000 € range.

    Peter RemigerPosted on February 5th, 2016 - 3:12pm


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