• Now is the time to buy guitars priced in GBP

    With the value of the Pound Sterling down more than 15% versus the Euro and US$ compared with just months ago, this is an opportune time for our customers outside of the UK, to buy guitars that are priced in GBP.

  • New arrivals

    Have a look at these fine new arrivals – a 1966 cedar Fleta, a new Daniele Marrabello, a new Stephen Eden spruce, a 2003 Francisco Barba, a John Ray cedar front, a new Solveig Kirschner,  a Roger Williams 2010 cedar  … and  – soon to arrive, a Greg Smallman & sons from 2015, a superb Manuel Reyes flamenco […]

  • Stephen Frith new guitars

    We have stocked and successfully sold Stephen Frith’s guitars for several years but now have two of the most recent batch. These have an upgraded level of refinement in the sound through subtle changes in the construction detail. The decorative detail is also enhanced with finer-detailed rosettes and matching purfling. Still very competitively-priced, they are […]

  • David Pelter double-top guitars.

    We have recently stocked the Nomex double-top guitars made by David Pelter in Cumbria. Four of them have been sold in the last three months to clients here on the UK and as far away as Australia. With top construction much in the manner of Gernot Wagner and Matthias Dammann, they have scalloped lattice bracing […]

  • Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

    To all our friends and customers past and present, we wish you a merry Christmas and hope you have a peaceful and healthy 2017. This year has been particularly busy; a record business year in fact and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you n the coming year. Miles & Christine Roberts.

  • Cadenza model – Kent Guitar Classics

    Our Kent Guitar Classics – Cadenza model – now available in stock at last! This new model has been so popular that we have until now, not been able to build up any stock. Made for us by Stephen Eden, these hand-built, french-polished instruments have a £4000-5000 sound for less than half that price. Originally […]

  • Hermann HAUSER II 1956

    A beautiful Hermann Hauser II from 1956 with rosewood back & sides, European spruce front and original Lansdorfer tuners. For full detailed listing with photos etc. – click here.

  • Simon Ambridge satinwood 40

    A fabulous new model 40 guitar from Simon Ambridge with exceptional quality satinwood back & sides with European spruce front. In all seriousness, this is one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen – and the sound quality is also very impressive with deep bass and rounded treble sound. This promises to be […]

  • Visesnut guitar cases in stock

    We now stock the new Visesnut guitar cases – in both the standard and premium colours and with optional case covers. These are stylish, extremely strong, protective and well thought-out. They will be added to our Accessories page very soon. See and

  • Stephen Eden 2015- 63cm

    A 2015 short scale guitar from Stephen Eden with 63cm scale length, Indian rosewood back & sides with European spruce front. Designed for players with smaller hands, this remarkable guitar appears to have no loss of power or bass depth despite its shorter scale length which brings immense change in playability. Sold already – but […]

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